Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekly Recap Link List 7-25-11

From the files of Facebook and Twitter:

Johnathan Cisneros' PVC camera stabilizer

Knoptop's DIY light stands

TV networks pull back on original web content

Open source collaborative video editor, "Novacut"

100 resources to research your horror film

Who's your general in the war of filmmaking?

iPhone4 PVC stabilizer rig

Why you should get Google+ and unlock its potential for freelance filmmakers

DSLR Film Noob's Zoom H1 shockmount

$10 eBay LCD hood arrives

Husky 30-piece ratcheting screwdriver set for under $5

Advice on launching and independent career (YouTube Marketing)

Cheap counter weight for the 3 legged DSLR rig

DSLR rig movie kit shoulder mount

Making a shooting schedule

Are you writing?

8 filmmaking tips from Guillermo Del Toro and Nicholas Winding

Car mount

3 mini ball heads for $5

DIY green screen on PVC stands

Camera phone dolly rig

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