Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Knoptop's DIY Light Stands

Knoptop returns this week with a Quick FX we all can learn something from. While I use my PVC light stands for all kinds of things, Dave gives us a slightly different take on some specialized stands that have some very good, specific uses. I like the fact that these stands have no feet to trip over and how version one can collapse for transportation. I also like how you can squeeze these against the wall or in a corner. I can do that with my stands as well (just remove two feet), but Dave's solution is faster and more compact. As long as you have a roof to press up against, that is.

I also think these would be great for a home studio setup. I can see myself leaving these in place, while my PVC stands remain in a bag ready to go on location. Everything has a purpose and I love the stuff that is multi-purpose.

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