Thursday, November 29, 2012

$1 Budget: Stop, Sleeve Pistol!

More cheap stuff to aid in your filmmaking this week. First up is tablet sleeves found at Dollar Tree that also come in very handy for storing thin objects like gray cards and film slates. Next, I found an inexpensive pistol prop that resembles a Glock and has a fake silencer and blowback action.  It even comes with it's own sound effects!  Finally a door stop which, as many people have told me, does more than just hold doors open.

Getting Perfect Exposure

Black Friday at Dollar Tree

Dry Erase Clapper Slate for $8

Knoptop's "Cheap Gun with Blowback Action"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Recap Q&A: What Uses for Your Old Camera?

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How to shoot better events

How to pick the best DSLR lens

Roger Corman visits Loft Cinema Tucson

Camera Stabilizer Rig, inspired by the FF

What you need to build a versatile DIY light kit

$277 Fig Rig vs $55 Spider Steady

Black Friday at Dollar Tree

Wieldy Iron Triangle vs Glidecam HD

Polaroid handgrip review

Chinese roller bearing slider review

Video lighting with LED puck lights

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday at Dollar Tree

With all of the craziness that takes place every year the day after Thanksgiving (though some are having sales ON Thanksgiving now), I wondered what the effect would be at the local dollar store.  Would anyone camp out?  Would there be any lines?  What kind of smokin' deals would a store like Dollar Tree offer, if any?  All good questions and I was determined to find some answers.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Recap Q&A: Did You Miss It?

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Creating slow motion on the Sony NEX 5n and Vegas

Oops!  Panasonic GH2 with 14-42mm kit lens - $499

Free PluralEyes when you buy a Rode mic

DIY Silver Flyer Steadicam Test Footage

ePhoto shoulder rig follow focus review

DIY monopod dolly adapter

Stealth camera bag for $6

Creating a beauty light with a book light

2012 black friday camcorder deals

How much money can you make from a YouTube video?

DIY shoulder stabilizer rig: tutorial

Walmart 7" portable TV/monitor - $39

Video editing, strawberries and chocolate!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tip: Stealth Camera Bag for $6

I recently bought a new camera, the Sony NEX 5n, which is a great deal for the money.  I then needed a camera bag to shove my new toy and all of its accessories in, but as usual, did not want to pay full price.  After poking around on the web, I found some very cool alternatives.

Ozark Trail 6 Can Cooler with Hardliner

Protect Traveling Lenses with a Beer Cozy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miss the Weekly Recap Show? Let Me Know!

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How to light for specific camera blocking

Neewer 160 LED video light review

Carry Speed CS-PRO Mark II Review

Steadicam Smoothee / GoPro Review

DIY Silver Flyer Steadicam

AiG Waistholder holster for cameras review

Interview with Steve Wang, creature designer

$1 Budget: USB Socket AC Case!

Pro follow focus vs. $5 follow focus!

Yongnuo YN 160 LED light review

CarrySpeed CS-Slim review

Cheap shotgun microphone 320E review

Writing, Shooting, Editing, Viewpoint

Rule of thirds to get better composition

Thursday, November 8, 2012

$1 Budget: USB Socket AC Case!

It's another roundup of $1 stuff!  This time we have a cheap USB drive, an AC to USB adapter, an AC to light socket adapter, and another use for a fancy toothpick case.

If you have any ideas for inexpensive filmmaking helps, let me know!  I'll try to send some link love in your direction.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Recap Q&A Still MIA: Weekly Links Below!

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Corridor Digital's Workflow

Frugal Floater test footage

No-budget filmmaking commandment #3

Physics students make zombie movie at CERN

Frugal Floater Steadicam Project

180 degree rule

$100 dolly cart

Five tools less than $30 each

Different editing techniques

LED light product review

Sony NEX 5n with 18-55mm kit lens - $478

Clip lamp camera mount

Framing basic shot types

How to light for specific camera blocking

Friday, November 2, 2012

Clip Lamp Camera Mount

When I needed a specialized rig to mount inside of a gazebo to shoot a wedding, I made one.

Clip from desk clip lamp:
1/4" machine screw or bolt, 2" in length
1/4" washer
1/4" lock washer
3x 1/4" nut
1/4" fender washer, 1 1/4" wide
1/4" rubber fender washer 1 1/4" wide
mini ball head:

7/16" wrench
#11 wrench


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