Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekly Recap Link List 3-21-11

From the files of Facebook and Twitter:

Cheap 1/4" 20 rail mount for your DSLR rig

Affordable 300 watt CFL lighting setup

DIY DSLR grip shifter follow focus

The secrets of indie film release strategy

My 5 favorite movies of all time - photographically speaking

Movie stiller stabilizes your iPhone footage

The secrets of YouTube success (Freddie Wong)

CFL stands for cool, frugal and luminous!

Ian Fleming's frugal crane / jib

Universal rubber lens hood for $5

How to achieve million dollar sound without a million dollars

Quick release puck (plate) for $8.68

$20 PVC Snorri cam rig

Time to declare war on the shaky camera

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