Thursday, March 17, 2011

Universal Rubber Lens Hood for $5

Knoptop didn't have a new video on Quick FX this week, but this one from a few weeks back is a good one. The idea is to pick up one of these large, collapsible, inexpensive lens hoods from ebay and make it fit on your camera with a step-up ring. If you're a DSLR user, follow Dave's directions. If you're a video camera user (like me), wouldn't it be nice for the lens hood to fit your wide angle lens as well as your stock lens?

My Canon HFS100 has a 58mm thread on its stock lens. When I want to go wider, I use the Raynox 6600, which has a 58mm thread on one end and a 72mm thread on the other. To make the lens hood more useful, it only makes sense to get the 72mm lens hood and a 58-72mm step up ring. Now I can use the lens hood whether I'm shooting wide or not. Only costing a total of $5.10, this is an excellent deal. And a practical one.

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