Black Friday at Dollar Tree

With all of the craziness that takes place every year the day after Thanksgiving (though some are having sales ON Thanksgiving now), I wondered what the effect would be at the local dollar store.  Would anyone camp out?  Would there be any lines?  What kind of smokin' deals would a store like Dollar Tree offer, if any?  All good questions and I was determined to find some answers.


Libby said…
I was there today LOL. I needed a pair o cheap headphones and got the ones you had in one of the shots. They will be cheap monitoring phones for my desk. Sometimes I just need to determine if audio out from a device is simply on Or off and the fidelity is not an issue.

No one was camped out at my store ;-) In fact it was empty except for one cashier. said…
Man, you must have a super Dollar Tree near you. I don't think the one near me has much of a toy section.

I liked this man-on-the-street approach.

Not everything is a dollar there, Scott. Vienna sausage in a can is a whopping 47 cents. So you now have your crafty figured out! ;)