Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tip: Airsoft Gun Props

In this episode of The Frugal Filmmaker Tip of the Month I take a brief look at Airsoft props and some ways to add firearm authenticity to your movie. I've used them on a few projects (you may recognize the rifle from Temp Insanity) and just having them makes me want to use them more and more! The beauty of props like these are how real they can look and how cheap they are to obtain. Just make sure everyone around your location knows your guns are fake. Nothing ruins a movie shoot faster than a SWAT team.

Middle of Nowhere

G36 (M41GL) Replica Magazines for $1


Cap said...

They are great. We're using them for our production.

Keithington said...

Admittedly, i have only been a fan of yours for about 3 hours now, but a devoted fan nonetheless. I have worked at Airsoft Atlanta for 9 years now, and I loved everything that you said, but I would like to add one point. I am sorry if I come across as a billy badass, that is not my intention, but you did say that you were going for realism, so I would like to point out that the blue paint on the spoon of the grenade stands for INERT or "training" explosives. This is generally true for the US military and can be a dead giveaway just like the hole in the bottom of the grenade. Paint those things things a dull aluminum color and you will be good to go. Also see this link to check out some cool things that you could paint and make into some REALLY cool props!!!


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