Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Short Film and a New Schedule

Sometimes I feel more like a reporter than a filmmaker. I really enjoy everything involved with The Frugal Filmmaker, but I miss making movies. Going back to grad school was a forceful move to remedy this, to not only get a MFA degree, but to force myself back into the trenches to learn the things I thought I already knew. This short is the first real product from my first semester.

It also marks the end of the first month of a new release schedule that I am attempting. The first Wednesday of the month will be an episode of The Frugal Filmmaker that everyone is used to. These are the more involved episodes that involved DIY builds and technique overviews. They will now only hit once a month (unlike my previous sometimes-reached goal of every three weeks), but that break should prevent the two-month gap that plagued me with The Frugal Floater and other episodes.

The third Wednesday will see a Frugal Filmmaker Tip of the Month. These episodes are more rapidly produced, take less editing and will cover a smaller topic. They should still have lots of good info, but won't be the production behemoth of the regular show.

Finally, if there is a fifth Wednesday (which seems to hit every other month), you'll get a new short film. This is the most exciting addition for me, as a filmmaker should always be making films (not just instructional videos). These will include films made at school, as well as others that I make independently. The above video is the first in what I hope is a long line.

If that isn't enough content for everyone, next year I'll be starting a new show that will be a weekly companion video to the Weekly Recap Link List. I get so many good comments and emails on top of the links featured on the Facebook Group, that there needs to be a place to feature them all. A weekly "quick & dirty" highlight and mailbag show should fit the bill and also include the YouTube audience which has been left out thus far.

With all that blah, blah, blah out of the way--enjoy the movie!

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The fantasy of retribution to the it.


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