Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Recap Link List 8-1-11

From the files of Facebook and Twitter:

Kristi Barnett's experience with the Twitter production Karen Barley

The fundamentals of color grading

"X-Men First Class" dialogue editing techniques

Cheap variable ND filter test

Donnie Patterson's DIY camera slider

Peel and stick blood splatters on a dollar store budget

Dual light and sound hot shoe bracket

Arrange your photo gear in a cutlery tray

Twitter movie advice if you want it

Backyard FX: Game Over

Zoom H1 belt pouch for body mounting costs $1

How to test the back focus of film and video cameras

Has Apple abandoned the pro market?

Build your own camera table dolly for under $20 with PVC pipes

Easy DSLR audio setup for a crew of one

Keith Campbell's DIY greenscreen with Frugal Filmmaker stands

My rig mounting secrets, 1/4 20 threads anywhere

Magic Bullet Mojo for 75% off

Luis Vasquez' PVC shoulder rig

Color dyeing PVC

Cord curling

Sanyo CG20 HD camera at Radio Shack for $86

Donnie Patterson's DIY shoulder rig

Hrvoje Milicevic's DIY clapperboard

Can you spot the HDSLR shots in Lucasfilm's "Red Tails" trailer?

Canon 5DMkII vs. Canon T2i

"It will be good exposure"

iPhone clamp

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