Zoom H1 Belt Pouch for Body Mounting Costs $1

While checking out cheap mini tripods at Dollar Tree yesterday, I cam across a generic cell phone case and wondered how well it would fit my Zoom H1 portable digital audio recorder. It looked like it would be the right size, and the nice belt clip on the back gave me ideas of a nice way to hide the H1 on talent along with an inexpensive lav mic.

Turns out, the case is the perfect size. Not only does the Zoom slide nicely into place, but both the mic input and headphone jacks are exposed for easy access. Even the USB port pokes out from an opening in the bottom of the case, so you could leave the Zoom nestled when downloading files to your computer.

The only thing more I could really ask for is if the velcro flap were longer. It would be great if the flap would completely cover the stereo mics and lock the recorder into place, but it's too short. No problem, I just tuck the flap behind the mics and it's ready to go. If you're worried about the recorder coming out of the case, wrapping a rubber band around the head of the Zoom and case should alleviate your fears.


Wendi said…
Such a GREAT idea! I've been searching for belt clips for a while and this worked out perfectly. I can't thank you enough!