Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Recap Link List 7-18-11

From the files of Facebook and Twitter:

Mike Fugal's portable sound booth:

Using improv techniques to improve your photography and filmmaking skills

Introducing the Zoom H2n audio recorder

Make your own gun sound fx

Timelapse test

Exploring the Twilight Zone #27

Scott's Super Screenplay Seminar!

DIY Wii Mario Wheel iPhone / Owle stabilizer

Fair use school: response to YouTube's copyright school video

Emilio Jose Espinosa's PVC iPhone stabilizer rig

Wayne Clark's PVC stabilizer rig

Review: Atlas Camera Support

Janice Koch Glesser's mini stabilizer rig

How the Polish brothers are raking it in with a steath, no-budget movie

Inexpensive light kit for $65

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