Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bluetooth Wireless Mic Setup - The Sequel

A very sick Deejay returns in DSLR Film Noob to complete his tests with the bluetooth transmitter/receiver combo and give us some very worthwhile results. In the last episode(s), he learned that the cheap set didn't play well together, but if paired with a slightly more expensive cousin, they both perform great. Go figure. If you have wireless audio needs, this may fit the bill (though I worry about the rechargeable battery life) and save you some cash.

I also want to give Deejay some "feel better" karma. Get well soon!

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Unknown said...

Yeah I figured this was going to happen. Bluetooth has some latency issues over short distances. Media streaming of any type over small bluetooth items is going to cause this kind of latency. Best way to test it is plug the transmitter into a source and use headphones to see which one gives you least latency. Even an untrained ear can hear the difference. It seems to be a mystery why. Its possible that the different bluetooth versions might be to blame. 2.0 to 2.1 might matter in some respect.


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