Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inexpensive Wireless Bluetooth Mic Setup

Now this is a great find. The DSLR Film Noob himself gives us a couple of videos demonstrating the results of plugging microphones into a low-cost (eBay, $35) bluetooth transmitter and receiver. In the first video he uses standard mics with good success. In the second he uses the same cheap Radio Shack lav mic that I use with mixed results (dangit!). I think it's pretty cool that Deejay came up with and tested this idea, as we can all benefit if we need a wireless setup with microphones we already own and use.

Be sure to read the accompanying blog posts as well. They will give you more details and links about the hardware Deejay is using in his demonstration. The first is "$35 wireless bluetooth setup, and it works great!" followed by "Bluetooth setup with a lavalier".

UPDATE: "More Bluetooth Wireless Audio Testing"


Unknown said...

Im glad someone went and tried this. I had played around with bluetooth transmitters and trying to hear audio wirelessly but found way too many latency issues. Only thing I would add to this is that bluetooth is alittle finicky with transmission and distance between the transmitter and receiver. I also believe both units have to be within line of sight and that distance isnt very far.

Paul said...

Scott, thanks for this informative article.

I'm trying to find a cost effective (aka budget) solution for on the fly interviews using an iPhone and the Bluetooth transmitters seem to be the way to go. I've seen an article using the mic from an iPhone headset as a simple lavalier mic (cut the headphones off and leave the mic).

Any chance you could provide some direction here or even consider a video blog with this solution for us iPhone noobs wanting good quality audio to go with our 1080p video? Thanks for the great work.


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