Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tom Blizzard's Frugal Crane Mod

Tom sent me these pictures recently that address the problem I had with the Frugal Crane / Jib, that causes a slight tilt in the camera platform. This was due to the weight of the camera pulling down on the rubber wheel. My original solution (yet unpublished) at the suggestion of a YouTube viewer was to put a mini ball head mount on the platform that would allow adjustment.

Tom's solution is a lot better, as he has modified the front pulley to more sturdily handle the camera platform. If you examine these photos carefully you can see how he did it. Kudos to Tom and his problem solving skills.

These extras might give you a better choice. The mending plate had pre-drilled 1/4" holes, but they were all at the wrong place(s) (that's normal). That's why you can see part of a hole just below the end of the mending plate. That hole is not used. I drilled a 3/8" hole just above it for the axle.


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