Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mini Ball Head: My New Favorite Camera Mount

I've recently come across a camera mount that I really like. It's a mini ball head that allows 360 degree camera placement, can hold a DSLR and costs under $6. It is solid metal construction and has a 1/4" mounting thread on the bottom. I also like the fact that loosening the screw not only releases the ball, but also the base (to turn). This will give you another level of placement, making it that much more versatile.

This mount solves the tilting camera issue I had with the Frugal Crane, and will replace the plastic mount (which costs $8-12) found on my Table Dolly. I really like it, and I'm sure it will find its way into future builds.

I got mine for $1, after another bidder cancelled on eBay, but I've noticed this model is no longer up for bidding. Still, the "Buy It Now" option for $5.80 (free shipping) is still a smokin' deal. The only downside is that you have to wait two weeks for it to show up as it is coming from China. Very much worth the wait.


Unknown said...

Ive always had trouble leveling my shots with one of these. I see the value in the price compared to use. Do you simply eyeball the shot to make sure its level?

Scott Eggleston said...

A bubble level that fits into your camera's hot/cold shoe should do the trick:

Jon said...

Have you ever thought of building a ball head?

I'm thinking...a cabinet knob, a pvc pipe and locking screw.

Think about it! :)

Anonymous said...

If you wanted the ball head to behave like an expensive fluid head, you would need some kind of substance on the ball that sort of gummed it up in a smooth, gentle sort of way. Any idea what that substance might be?


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