Friday, November 5, 2010

Frugal H Frame Mic Stand

I was going out to a shoot when I realized I'm going to need some good sound for this location. I had asked a number of friends to come through and be my boom operator to no avail. I recalled a design I had seen on your site and knew that it was perfect for what I needed. I work with PVC as well so I have plenty of options for buying and experimenting.

I used a ½” SCH80 cap because I had one lying around, drilled a ¼” hole into it and used a 1 ½” hex head bolt nut and flange washer to affix my rode video mic and shock mount. The delivery so far is really good, the video looks great and when the sound is all cleaned up (I filmed outdoor in nyc and got some ambient sound that is fairly low but noticeable) Im sure it will have been a success. I listed this in my gear list as “Frugal H frame mic stand”.

Thank you so much for all the posts and keep them coming.

Chris Hackett
Bald Guy Shampoo Productions

1 comment: said...

This is a pretty cool mod. With the tilting capability of your $10 shockmount find, I wonder what it would take to build a mic stand to allow the mic to swivel for better positioning.

I think the reason this gentleman recorded some ambient noise (at least as far as his pictures indictate) is that he had the mic aimed at the sky.


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