Monday, May 2, 2016

How to fix thrift store tripods

A common filmmaking item you'll often find in a thrift store is the second-hand tripod. These may be in good shape and complete, or they may be a total wreck. A common issue seems to be that the quick release plate (that attaches to your camera and locks onto the tripod) is often missing.

In the video I share some way to check the integrity of your bargain, as well as a fairly simple fix for the quick release problem (which will vary depending on the tripod, of course).

Metal camera quick release system
1/4" machine screw (length will depend on tripod head)
1/4" lock washer
1/4" fender washer (diameter will depend on tripod head)
"rubber padding" - taken from flash bracket (you can also use a neoprene fender washer if the tripod head will cover it)

Flat head screwdriver
Dremel rotary tool

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