Tip: Backup Your Camera Remotes!

If you have several cameras, you probably have several infrared (IR) camera remotes to go with with them. These remotes can be very useful, but a pain to replace if you lose them. In the above video I found a cheap learning remote that allows you to learn your original (or several) remote's signals.

This allows you to compile your most important functions onto one remote, which you can toss into your camera bag. This is not only handy, but will give peace of mind. Take the cheap remote into the field and leave your originals at home!

Silver,  egg-shaped, 7 button learning remote
Yellow, egg-shaped, 7 button learning remote
Boring 11 button learning remote (similar price as above)

Nevo C2 home theater learning remote
Scott sez: These remotes found on eBay are at a very good price point ($15-17), but come with no box or instructions. Do your homework online before purchasing.