Tip: Keychain Tools

While I am an ardent user of my Leatherman Wingman as multi-tool of choice (whether I'm on a film set or not), there are always times when I can't use it and which I had something smaller. There are multi-tools that fit into your pocket, but I prefer sleek stuff that fits into your pocket and doesn't create a lot of bulk.

When viewer Aaron Villa sent me a tip about using a washer connected to your key chain (see video above) for attaching and detaching quick release plates, it got me thinking. What other useful tools would live happily on a key chain?

Besides the washer, I always carry a metal USB drive and a small knife that folds into a key-shaped sheath. These are very handy, don't take up much room, and are inexpensive. They work well for me.

 What about you? Do you have any that you always carry in your pocket living next to your keys? Please comment and share! I'd love to see what other people are using.


Anonymous said…
I always carry on a Rabbit Key, its designed for adjusting the camera screws on tripod, and it costs 3 euros.
Scott Eggleston said…
That looks like a good idea, but it costs $10 here in the U.S., which is way pricier than the washer.
James Brown said…
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