Review: Saramonic SR-AX101 XLR adapter

The XLR audio standard is a great one for noise cancellation. Unfortunately, the microphones and cables for this standard are more expensive and may keep you out of the XLR loop. If you do get some of this gear, you may need help getting it into your consumer camera or audio recorder, many of which only have 1/8" unbalanced stereo inputs.

There are many products which help bridge this gap. I've been using the XLR-PRO for years, and it has outlasted my many camera upgrades. I'm always interested in what else may be out there and Saramonic has recently sent me several of their products to review, one being a direct competitor of the model I own.

The Saramonic SR-AX101 is an XLR audio interface, with line/mic switches, a mono/stereo switch, a ground loop switch, and an AUX input for those unbalanced mics you may already own. I go into more detail in the above video, but safe to say it's well-made (if you don't mind plastic) and is the most frugal item of its kind, costing $80 on Amazon and eBay.