Tip: Using the Windows Snipping Tool in your videos

I've always used various programs to grab full or partial screen grabs for use in my videos. These can be the entire screen (which you can then add a digital effect) or smaller grabs useful in shows like my Q&A where I feature the actual message from a viewer. It's an easy way to add reference to whatever you happen to be talking about that features web content.

For the longest time I never knew that one of these programs are built right into the Windows OS. Simply called 'Snipping Tool', it is very basic but also very useful. As shown in the above video, you can capture your full screen or just custom sections that suit your needs. You can then easily drop these captured sections into any editor for further manipulation.

If your interested in a great, free screen recorder that records video of on-screen actions instead of just stills, check out Open Broadcaster Software. It's excellent.