Friday, April 3, 2015

Pimp Your Rig with Follow Focus Stickers!

When I reviewed the Newwer CN-90f Follow Focus awhile back, I noticed that the flat, gray surface of the focus gear looked very blank. It was so flat and uniform that it cried out for something to be put there. I realize this is completely unnecessary for it to function properly, but it just struck me as unfinished. I had to put something in that space!

The gray disk in question measured 1 3/4" across, so I began scouring eBay for an affordable sticker that was round, would fit, and would give my rig some character. After pondering and obsessively searching, I narrowed it to the biohazard sign, the radiation warning, crash-test dummy markers and a simple white star.

The build materials varied, with center wheel stickers being the most robust (encased in plastic!). They also cost the most, running from $10-13 for four. There were also heavy-duty stickers, which were about half the cost, but gave me more stickers than I wanted. I finally settled on decent a quality vinyl sticker (here's another good choice), which was the best price at good quality. They even threw in an extra sticker as a bonus, making the price even cheaper.

Applying the sticker was easy. I simply peeled the backing off, put the sticker in place (with the clear vinyl still attached), rubbed the whole thing with a credit card, and peeled off the outer clear layer. Presto! I now had a cool sticker to decorate my formerly boring gray disc. I was also surprised how perfect it was. Advertised as 1 1/2", the star points perfectly fit in the blank area, which made placement super simple.

Again, I realize this is totally frivolous, but it's also fun and makes me wonder about other ways to add a nice (if not campy) aesthetic touch to my Frugal Cage rig. I've already got a monitor with a fake woodgrain case, so what's next? Fuzzy dice?

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Ditte S. Steffensen said...

Good idea,This sticker is really great, and it fits nicely with the grey disc.


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