Free HDMI Lock

The HDMI port on your camera is great for connecting an external monitor to, but seems not so friendly in keeping that connection solid or resisting damage to the port. A common camera cage accessory is the "HDMI Lock", which is basically a small clamp that attaches to the cage and holds the HDMI cable in place by gripping the cable so it can't move.

This is a good idea, but these clamps seem kind of expensive for what they do. I wanted the same thing for the Frugal Cage, but couldn't figure out how to attach something to the cage that would hold the cable right next to the camera. Then it hit me--why not attach the cable to the camera itself?

I use a 90-degree connector to run from my camera to my monitor and the vertical part of the connector runs right by the camera strap connector. All I did was take a black wire tie, run it through the strap connector and twist it closed over the connector. Now that HDMI cable is securely fastened in place and will not move, let alone accidentally come out during a shoot or wearing out due to excessive movement.

I realize this isn't the most elegant (or a quick-release) solution, but maybe I can find a narrow velcro strap that would do the same thing. In the meantime, I've got an HDMI lock that didn't cost me a cent. 

This little discovery also makes me look at those strap connectors in a new light. I've already been using the other one to brace my camera against one side of the Frugal Cage (and the hook side of some velcro) and now this. I wonder what other uses we can get out of these solid metal lugs. Any ideas?