Thursday, March 26, 2015

Audioblocks: Royalty-Free Music, Sound FX and Loop Library

A common question people ask me is where they can find royalty-free music. There are some good sites out there that will let you use lots of stuff for free (,, but there are also subscription-based services, that can streamline the process of content creation for single digit dollars per month.

One such site is Audioblocks. I was recently contacted by them and asked to make a video explaining their service, which as it turns out, is pretty good. For a yearly rate of $99, you have access to their entire sound library which includes music of all varieties, sound effects and loops. The site is supposed to receive new material regularly and boasts the fastest preview system I've ever seen. This last item is a real selling point for me as you can audibly scan a huge list of search results in record time. This preview option is also free to anyone surfing the site, while only subscribers can actually download the files.

Audioblocks is also offering a seven-day free trial to Frugal Filmmaker viewers. Once you sign up, you can download up to 20 files per day for seven days. Once the trial is over, make sure you cancel or you'll automatically be rolled over into the $79/month plan. I suggest if you want to continue the service, enroll in the $99/year plan which gives you full access and unlimited downloads for $8.25 per month.

If you create content on a regular basis (like I do), I can see how beneficial a service like this can be. No, it's not free, but it's free to try and it's very affordable if you do choose to sign up for the yearly plan. I also really like that speedy preview system. It will save a ton of time and anyone can use it to check out what Audioblocks has to offer.


BrandGizmo said...

Some people are just so dumb... As cool as it would be to just use a Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa song, YOU CAN'T!!! I have had so many friends get their channels terminated over dumb copyright crap and they EVEN KNEW they should be using that music from the very beginning. LITERALLY you can buy royalty free music CHEAP AS DIRT. DO NOT trust the people making youtube videos saying "DubStep Royalty Free / Copyright free to use" ...Why because a lot of them just upload shit that isn't even theirs to make ad money...Then before you know it, the studio behind that song claims it within the copyright filters, then before you know it, you end up just like me.... 27 years old, and out of a YouTube channel that had 300k subscribers that you've put your heart and soul into for 5 years straight.

It's so easy people and so cheap. Do not mess up your potential
Thank me later

Unknown said... is another great royalty free music resource.

Unknown said...

If your Royalty free music library allows a preview of the download then you are assured of buying a good quality copyright free music.
Free music for videos

Unknown said...

Sounds great!

Do they offer exlusive royalty free music? I mean exclusive to their website.
Using now but need a larger library without overused royalty free music


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