Friday, November 21, 2014

Review: Fotodiox ND Throttle

If you are like me and like to adapt old camera lenses to your digital camera, you're probably familiar with cheap lens adapters. These have vintage lens mounts on one side, and the new digital camera mount on the other. They provide adequate spacing between the lens and your sensor and open up a world of great, older lenses to the digital camera user.

An old trick to keep your lens aperture open on a sunny day is to use ND (neutral density filters). These screw on to the front of your lens and restrict light, so your aperture doesn’t have to (watch the video to see why you’d want to do this). A variable ND filter allows you to change the amount of light coming in, so you don’t have to constantly change filters.

The Fotodiox ND Throttle performs both of these tasks. It adapts old (Nikon G, Canon EF or Minolta) still camera lenses to various digital camera bodies. It also includes a variable ND filter inside of the adapter, so you never need to add one on the front of your lens, and all lenses of varying thread sizes are taken care of.

My full review is featured in the above video and includes a look at what you can do with this fantastic device as well as other low-cost workarounds (like a 77mm variable ND filter with step down rings) if you cannot afford this top-of-the line gizmo.

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