DIY Lens Sun Shade

Even though lens flares are very popular right now (and you can get some really cool flares from vintage lenses), you may not always want them. Sometimes you will have to shoot in the direction of the sun, and you won't want the center of our solar system giving your footage that bright, hazy sheen. In these cases you'll need to block the sunlight with some kind of flag.

The traditional piece of gear that handles this is a matte box. These surround the lens with a box shape, blocking light from the edges of the frame (here's a $20, rail-based version on eBay). Another solution is to just get a big piece of foamcore and gaff tape it right to the camera.

This $11 frugal version will work on any camera with a shoe mount and if it doesn't you can always use the Frugal Cage. Either way, you get a flag on the end of a poseable arm which allows you to block the sun from shining directly into your lens. It's the first of several accessories that I will be featuring on the Frugal Cage. This is one that you will eventually need and it is handy and not as cumbersome as the aforementioned foamcore option.

gooseneck tube with dual female 1/4" threads
cold shoe tripod mount with dual nuts
male 1/4" to male 1/4" adapter
lightweight mini ball head
Some kind of flag