Thursday, May 8, 2014

Shane Steineckert's Table Dolly Mod

I recently discovered your YouTube channel and watched a couple of your videos.  I really liked the Table Dolly idea, so I went out and made one for myself for $14 total, since I already had an old tripod and roller blade wheels.  When I used it for the first time, I was filming a dance scene…so the dolly was rolling across the floor.  The trouble was, I had to bend over or else be on my knees in order to push it along. 

That gave me this idea:  for about a dollar more, I bought another PVC pipe and a T joint.  As you’ll see from the photos, I was then able to use a T joint in lieu of the elbow to create a stem by which I can move the dolly along while standing up.  Between the 3' pipe and a 10” pipe, I am now able to mix and match them to utilize various handle sizes, depending on what I’m filming.  All for only about a dollar or two extra!  I took the following pictures and thought I’d share them with you.

Scott sez: Nice work Shane! I've always crawled around on the floor when using the dolly off-table, but Shane's idea makes perfect sense if you don't want to get down-and-dirty. I also like his idea of multiple handle sizes to accommodate different situations (much like the PVC light stands). With PVC being so cheap, you can do all kinds of mods like this at little cost.

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Larned said...

Great idea! BTW Scott, what has happened to the list of videos that used to be on the left side of your blog?


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