"Eventpod" Monopod Mod

The last couple of times I shot a "live" run-and-gun event (like a wedding reception) I found myself at a complete disadvantage with my standard camera and tripod setup. Lugging around a tripod to try to get in the right place at the right time is exhausting. I've also used the PVC Stabilizer and the Frugal Stabilizer II, but when I want the stability of a tripod, I have to go across the room and go get it. Time switching rigs can lead to a missed shot.

What I needed was some kind of hybrid rig that will give me a variety of shots, with various shooting modes that can be easily switched between. I noticed around that web that some had modified monopods for this purpose, but none really suited all my needs, so I made my own.

The "Eventpod" has worked out pretty well the times I've used it and it could help you if you find yourself in similar shooting situations. Press play to find out more!

Vivitar 67" monopod w/quick release collars
Amazon : eBay

1/2" to 1" zinc ground clamp

Watch "Camera Grip Handle"

Retail foam grip camera handle
Amazon : eBay

Desktop mic stand

Opteka counterweights (open box) with 1/4" thread

Universal monopod stand

Velbon PH-368 fluid head (Yikes! Prices went up since I bought mine)

Watch "The Frugal Fattener" camera bulker-upper

Watch Chad's "How to Build the RotoRig"