Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Recap Q&A: Record Sound to Your iDevice?

Argh. As of late, I seem to be having trouble getting my Recap episode up on my blog on the same day that I activate it on YouTube. I'm not sure why this is, but it has been happening more than I would like and I apologize. The blog needs more love from this writer's hands. It has been neglected for too long and I can see the dwindling readers as evidence of this.

Above is my latest Recap video and I hope enjoy it (if you watch these kinds of videos). Meanwhile, I'll go work on an article while I'm trying to find locations for my thesis film. Making movies is fun!


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,

I just recently found you on Youtube as my passion for filming anything at school and making a 30 second-ish video out of the footage grew. I have always noticed that I don't come up with ideas easily, I'm more of the "Got an idea? I already know what it should look like!" person. What are some suggestions you have?

Unknown said...

When are you filming your short film?

Unknown said...


I did a test with a DIY Lav mic with my iPod touch using the Tascam PCMRecorder app. Works like a dream! (at least compared to the external camera mic). I'm getting a shotgun mic for a gift around Thanksgiving and will be trying that out too.


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