Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Collection Day": Kickstarter Q&A

Tick...tick...tick. So goes the sound in my head as time marches closer and closer toward the end of August. It not only marks the end of the summer movie season, but also the amount of time I have to raise my budget for Collection Day. I'm in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign, you see, and while the glass of time is more than half full, the amount raised is less than half empty.

Several people have asked me questions about Kickstarter, which I address in the above video. What I don't really address is the creeping sense of panic one feels when an all-or-nothing deadline is approaching. I still feel that I have a solid enough following to pull off a $9k goal, but the low numbers worry me. The lack of remaining days worry me. The thought of a "Plan B" worries me.

I know this goal can be reached. If everyone within the sound of my voice in the above video, or the words on this blog, or the annals of the Facebook group (where I've pinned a Kickstarter post to the top), or the Twitterverse, or a combination of all the above were to contribute the minimum pledge--we'd have our budget.

Still, that sound stays with me.

1 comment:

Char Valentiner said...

Scott, you deserve all the support that you need. Hopefully, the many who have benefitted from this blog over the past three years will come through SOON. The goal is in sight and I hope anyone reading this will somehow find a way to help. All the best!


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