Recap Q&A: What Do You Want to See Here?

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Clip Lamp Camera Mount

Camera Clip Holder Mount - $7.69

Knoptop's Clampy Clamps

Nasty Clamps

Canon VIXIA HF R200 (Refurbished) - $229

24 things in an Indie Director's survival kit

Have digital cameras made light meters pointless?

31 interviews with most notable cinematic voices of 2012

Top five camera hacks of 2012

Canon SCA60 video camera bag review

Try editing on this monstrosity of analog film

How much slower is 60p over 50p played at 24p?

The making of "Meredith"

Film and TV tax incentives renewed

Wii steering wheel camera stabilizer

Matching sunny and cloudy shots

DIY monopod dolly

Devils Rig

How I would film it - dialogue scene by waterfall

The art of sound effects


Libby said…
What do I want to see? More practical work ad demos and less of the sitting in the car thing. You do a lot with a little. Exploit that and put the gadgets to real work. said…
Congratulations on getting on "On the Rise"!

Regarding what we'd like to see more of: I think you're doing a great job and am perfectly happy with the things you're putting out already. If you're looking for a boost in traffic, you could do more gear reviews, but I don't know if that necessarily fits into the framework of your site's philosophy.