Thursday, January 10, 2013

$1 Budget: AA USB Case Roller Bag!

This month I grab a bunch more goodies from Dollar Tree and eBay.  It seems I've been on a "cheap storage container" binge lately, but there are some other useful items in this episode.  If you need a way to use your cheap SD monitor with your fancy new camera that only offers HDMI out, this episode is for you.

Mini HDMI to RCA composite video converter

Emergency USB Battery Charger, white (Ack! the price went up $3.08!)

Emergency USB Battery Charger, black (almost $4, but ships from U.S.)

1 comment: said...

I love the foam rollers idea!

I'm interested in seeing just how long the USB HDMI/Composite adapter lasts on the AA batteries. It doesn't seem as though it will be all that economical. But then, that depends on how often and for how long you use your crane.


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