Frugal Feeding (Craft Service)

Everyone has to eat, so even if you have no budget, don't skimp on feeding your cast and crew. Nothing will torpedo your reputation faster than a shoot with no food. While this is very important, it doesn't have to be very expensive. Today I team up with Hilah from Hilah Cooking as she shares some great tips on how to give everyone nourishment without busting your budget.

Hilah's hummus recipe

Coleman 5 gallon beverage cooler


Vin Weathermon said…
Great tips for feeding my hordes of guests at my next party. Hilah is amazingly cute...I think I want to learn how to cook.
DIYFilmSchool said…
This is a great post. Crafty is one aspect of production people can tend to overlook. I love the recipe in this vid.

One way to further reduce meal expenses is to have people sponsor meals for each production day. This could be from restaurants, family, friends or just people from your community.