Recap Q&A: Which Editor and Why?

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XSportSeeker said…
Hey Scott,

Answering the question (sometimes I feel I'm the only one using the blog commenting system, is that so? Should I go to the Facebook page?).
On video editing: I started learning by myself with Sony Vegas! In my opinion, it has a less steep learning curve, and you can do it by yourself.
After deciding to switch careers from computers to journalism, on my first intern "job" I switched to Premiere.
Then, on the next year I got a job in a small video producer company that mostly dealt with real estate videos.
There I continued using Premiere, but also learnt for a small period of time how to deal with Final Cut Pro 7.
From the three experiences, I have to say I choose Premiere... part because I used it and learned a lot, but part because of format flexibility and tools.
For those who want to mess with more advanced post-production techniques, the integration with After Effects is a good reason by itself.
But it makes sense for people who are learning and/or don't have too many post-production requirements to go with Vegas.
I don't know how advanced Vegas is nowadays, I only used 6 and 7 if I'm not mistaken, but when you start having to deal with character generators, image stabilization, chroma key, color grading, sfx and some other custom, specific stuff, Premiere or Final Cut is the way to go (I hear Avid is awesome too).
The thing about Premiere is that you have a wide range of specialized plugins to deal with all sorts of stuff - Vegas has them too but tutorials are kinda rare and the community isn't as big.
For instance, you have Boris FX (text), Magic Bullet Looks (color grading), plus the awesome widely used Video CoPilot suite with tutorials and all.

That's my opinion on it. Depends a lot on the type of work you do, what sort of video you're trying to deliver, what type of workflow you're trying to estabilish and what you have available regarding hardware and infra-structure.
Anonymous said…
Hey scott after months and months of watching your videos I still have not purchased a camera or have written a screen play although I did acquire editing software which is avid studios. I was wondering since I am still on the hunt for a camera which are the ones to get that are hd that is a camcorder and not a flipcam type and if I should worry if it has a mic input or if I should just use an external mic? Also what process do you do when you are unable to write something what helps you get inspired?