Monday, July 2, 2012

Recap Q&A: Three Shows a Week?

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The Frugal Filmmaker T-shirts!


Zoom H1 Field Recorder Setup

Don't hire someone to run your Kickstarter campaign

Lighting Tip - foam board trick quick tip

"I'm sorry, Dave."

Dummy security camera prop - $4.56

Nuclear explosion effect!

Build your own spider dolly

Frugal Clamp 1.5

DIY DVD shelf holds 1,000 DVDs for under $20

Source Filmmaker could change everything

4DSLR's Zoom H4n Cradle


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,
Watching the recap today I remembered a couple of financing options.
Some people probably already talked about them, but here goes.
I don't really know if the scenario up there is similar to what we have here (Brazil), but anyways...

1. Government, public and private businesses: In Brazil we have lots of cultural and educational related funding. It can be tricky getting those, but not as much as people might think, and they have kind of a broad range of subjects covered.
May sound a bit hard at first, specially in your case when it's a one man band, but might be worth the hassle.

2. Going after businesses that might have interest in your material. In your case, with the Sony Vegas stuff, I strongly suggest that you get in contact with someone from Sony. See, most major companies have funds reserved to sponsor exactly cases like yours. I know it might be kind of scary that they might want to force you to say certain stuff, and not say others... but you might be surprized of how open they can be. Of course, it all depends on how conversations go, but I'm pretty shure they'll be glad to help someone who has a strong community, and has already produced a steady stream of content.

Guess that's it. Thanks for the show, it's really inspiring and helpful!

My Shop said...

Looking forward to the Sony Vegas Tips as thats what i use to edit my videos.

the more frugal the better keep em coming buddy!


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