Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hand Held DSLR Shooting Tip

Deejay has started a second channel, DSLR Film Noob, where he plans to place random gear reviews and short tips like this one. Here he explains a great technique on how to use the camera strap around your neck as a stabilizing device. I love tips like this where you might think you need some specialized piece of gear, when you already have something that performs a similar function.

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DIYFilmSchool.net said...

Another point of stability can be achieved with string and a bolt.

Tie the string in a knot at the base of the bolt (beneath the head of the bolt) and burn the knot into place. (best if the string has a waxy coating)

Then, hold the bolt up to your face at eye level, letting the string unfurl to your feet. Cut the string.

Tie a washer to the end of the string at your feet, making sure that the line is taut. Screw the bolt into the tripod plate threading of your DSLR and step on the washer.

With this little tool and the camera strap, you've effectively made a tripod out of parts you can generally find around the house.


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