Tascam DR-40 vs. Zoom H4N

As usual, Deejay over at DSLR Film Noob gives us another thorough comparison of two popular products for the low-budget filmmaker. I was especially interested in his opinion of the Tascam DR-40, which is the lowest priced recorder ($150) that has XLR inputs. This means you can use all kinds of pro gear that will give you much better sound than the super-cheap unbalanced stuff I usually use. He says it's basic, but works well, which is really all I wanted to hear.


Anonymous said…
The Tascam recorders would be much more competitive if they had the ability to serve as a computer's audio input. I can't understand why they wouldn't include that functionality -- it's really just a matter of software as the hardware is all there.
Joseph St Clair said…
I actually preferred the sound of the Tascam, the Zoom was pretty 'boomy'.
Think I will pick one up to compliment my current Zoom H1 when I get some cashy money I don't know what to do with.
reev said…
Thanks for the review. What about handling noise? Which is more sensitive? I'm choosing one for field recording w/out tripods or a table to put one on top of.
This review definitely made me reconsider my choice to get a Zoom H4n. Do you know if the Tascam comes with any DSLR kits?
Pete J Jones said…
That was extremely helpful! Thanks! I'd been told about the H4N, and was moments away from buying one, but then discovered the Tascam. I stared at the numbers and specs for a bit, but then my brain stopped working - this was exactly what I needed. The Tascam is exactly what I need.

I only discovered your site/channel today, but I think it's absolutely excellent. "Add to favourites"!

Nice work guys.
Beverly said…
Are they any updates to this review? Since this was more than two years ago, I was just curious if the standard of either recorder have changed. I'm having a lot of trouble deciding on which one to get, especially since the prices are equal now, at $200.

I'd like a recorder that can work without a field mixer, just on its own, mainly with an external mic, but also with internal mics. I've read other comments and reviews where there's a "helicopter noise" with internal mics on the Tascam, I believe. Is this still an issue?

I just don't want to spend money on the wrong item and regret not getting the other, haha. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!