Monday, March 5, 2012

Recap Q&A: What about Transmedia?

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Sony Movie Studio HD

Belizarius font

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder

Jean Corriveau's DIY FigRig

Robert Benson's frugal mic stand

Foto-Fox Lee Strobist Filters / gels set review

Slow motion muzzle flash tutorial

Know your rights about shooting

The Making of "Hostages"

Rob Mitchell's camera dolly test footage

David Stembridge's DIY steadicam

Build a DIY dolly that you can sit on

Faking car motion

Cheapest boom mic on the market

Sima Quickonnect, back under $9

How to do motion tracking with free tools

Gentrit Bajrami's DIY LCD viewfinder

Lakshmisha B.R.'s DIY steadicam

Collin Baker's DIY slider dolly

Rob Mitchell's PVC mega dolly

Krisztian Nagy's ???

Wayne Poe Harbor Freight LED light test

Wayne Poe's PVC stabilizer with lights!

Silvio Filho's DIY FigRig from bike rim

David Curtis' flag pole holder light support

Ethan Foss' PVC shockmount

Amazon 16GB SD card for $15.29

Bjorn Holm's mini stabilizer

DIY FigRig camera mount stabilizer

Rode Deadcat vs. Micover Windscreen

Chris Hackett's DIY sound booth

1 comment:

tin2tin said...

DVD slideshow GUI is free and can be used for making animatics out of storyboard drawings and it can also export the drawings as html storyboards using the captions as image descriptions.

Storyboard export example:

Grab it here:

Btw. I just uploaded a film I once did on Super16, but I only had a copy on VHS, so the image quality is rather bad, but I think that the story and the acting still works okay.


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