Monday, March 19, 2012

Recap Q&A: Favorite DIY Build?

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Dual Suction Cup Lifter


KV Connection's iPhone mic adapters

Hosa XLR to 3.5mm microphone adapter

Noob Shock Mount Adapter

Four goofy flowcharts to guide you through the filmmaking process

Lakshmisha B.R.'s DIY PVC Steadicam

John Moore's Sync External Audio

Jerson Kadchao's DIY FigRig

Wayne Poe's baby sock light diffuser

A fancier frugal floater

Weapon safety is nothing new

David Stembridge's DIY shoulder rig

Bill Mecca's DIY shoulder rig prototype

Terry Cheusde's crane rig

DIY catering, Part I

Olle Aranas' DIY shoulder rig

Lucas Pfaff's DIY shoulder rig

Jano Kaltenbach's DIY gun props

The $1 Budget: Adapt, Test and Bubble!

Terry Cheusde's PVC plug mount

Terry Cheusde's tabletop dolly

Phillipe Goffin's table dolly to track dolly

Terry Cheusde's duster deadcat

10 tips on producing and financing from SXSW

Michael Gutierrez' slider dolly

David Curtis' DIY rig to tripod

Spread your Avatar with Gravatar

John Chandler's cheap light stands

ReckCreative DIY Stabilizer

James Corpus' DIY DOF rig

Bill Mecca's PVC mic stand

Z Yar Khan's DIY camera slider

Free online movie scheduling software

$5 portable teleprompter

10 tips on shooting low-budget movies from SXSW

Justin Leyba's audio set up

Firat Konuslu's PVC stabilizer

Phillippe Goffin's tripod dolly

Cam Pagan's slider dolly

Justin Leyba's no-budget shoulder rig

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