Audio Tips Revisited

A few weeks back, I attempted to create a tip episode about Cheap Audio Sweetening. Several people informed me that some of my audio information was completely wrong. Embarrassed, I asked some of these people (David Smith and Lou) to create a follow-up video and point me in the right direction. I don't ever want to give out wrong information, and would be mortified if someone took my advice and it messed up their production. Frugal should mean less expensive, not bad.


Thank you for the audio tips, very informative! Look forward to more.
Daniel said…
Does the first video have correct information? Or is the first video have bad info and the second video is the follow up with corrections?

GrandFat Man said…
No daniel, they are for different techniques. One the top one is for EQ, Compression, and De-Essing the bottom one is for noise removal. said…
I use Audacity exclusively for one of my clients and I just want to make a couple of statements regarding noise removal:

1) You only need about a half a second to get a noise profile

2) Before you remove noise, be sure to amplify your sound to a reasonable volume. You may have to do this manually (read: in sections) because Audacity will normalize or amplify audio based on the waveform's highest point, so if most of your sound is -20db but someone screams, it's not going to adjust the lower volume correctly.

Once you have your audio near -6 to -1db, then get your noise profile. Preview it and make adjustments to the Frequency and, if necessary, Sensitivity slider(s).