Recap: Questions Anyone?

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Zoom H1 handy recorder

Tascam DR-05 digital recorder

Sony Movie Studio HD, $36

Audio-Technica ATR-3350 lav mic

Sima Quickonnect - $8.03

NHL Hockey Tape

Mini ball head

Sean Scarfo finds cheap counterwieghts

Sheena Vaught's frugal dimmer

Sean Scarfo's modified fig rig

Feeling nervous on day one? 5 Steps to curb your anxiety

Weathering props: fake moss

$1 windscreen for Zoom H1

Dave Albin finds 27 LED worklight - $5

DIY steadicam Smoothee mod

Dave Albin finds 20 LED worklight with flexible tripod arms - $6

Heikki O. Laukkaen's 3D-rig

Sean Scarfo finds $5 eye loupe

Tip: remote screenwriting

Sean Scarfo attaches $3 LED light to camera rig

Sheena Vaught's frugal light stand

Sheena Vaught's frugal jib

Sean Scarfo's shoulder rig w/lights

Tamara Stampone's PVC stabilizer rig

David Curtis' PVC stabilizer

Aerial slider product shoot BTS

Justin Leyba's DIY slider test

Adam Davis' PVC stabilizer rig

Sean Scarfo's DIY LCD viewfinder

$10 DIY camera slider

Sean Scarfo's DIY shoulder rig

Marcus Seelig's DIY shoulder rig

Alan Collins' PVC stabilizer rig / shoulder mount

Benjamin Duncan's shoulder rig plans
3D render

Alex Grooff's DIY shoulder rig

Knoptop delves into DVD-Rs

Cam Pagan's Frugal Crane

Wayne Poe's stabilizer upgrade plans

Scott Davis' DIY shoulder rig (and video)

Chris Butterfield finds pulleys for Frugal Crane

David Curtis' test of ring camp light

Benjamin Duncan's FigRig design