Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekly Recap: What should I do with Twitter?

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Sanyo XACTI VPC-CG20 AC adapter

"Temper" Kickstarter page

Armalite Rifle font

Shotgun microphone shootout

Sima Quickonnect back in stock!

DIY lav mic - iPhone earbuds

All about lightstands

Jeffrey Collins PVC stabilizer / shoulder rig

DIY QuickTip - cheap greenscreen

DIY QuickTip - composing for 2:35:1 widescreen

Humphrey Bande's PVC stabilizer rig

Camera flash bracket from the $100 filmmaking kit

DIY cell phone stabilizer rig

Kris Kuhn's PVC stabilizer rig

Jared Novakovich's PVC stabilizer rig

$1 camera slider?

5 simple ways to make your own light leaks

Best entry-level filmmaker camera for $80

DIY shoulder rig

Jared Novakovich's DIY shoulder rig

Bob Dorn's frugal reflector

Nicholas Thor Martin's PVC trigger grip

Digital Concepts wide and tele converter kit

Chris Butterfield using the $5 PVC light stands

John Shappy's Frugal Floater

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