Monday, January 2, 2012

Weekly Recap: Is this show too long?

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Sunny Sharif's DIY camera slider & tutorial

Cheap tripod ($10)

How to build a $25 boom pole

The best video cameras of 2011

2 Easy to use camera report templates

Filmmaking tools you can buy - $20 Filmmaker

Joshua Welker's chromakey paint formula

$100 filmmaking kit

Edward Burns and the socialization of indie cinema

Travis Scalan's slider dolly

Hollywood-style tricks on the cheap

Zoom H1 firmware update

Using a seat belt pad as a wind-blocking deadcat

Making a scar with glue and tissue paper

Happy New Year!

Public Domain Pictures - free stock photos

Paco Warabi's Treepod/Multipod

1/2" PVC plug at Home Depot

Knoptop's DIY deadcat for on-camera mics

Scott's older short films/'Midnyte' web series


Unknown said...

Go ahead and shoot like you want, just do some editing and show the main topic for each 3-5 minute clip.

It's tough to go through whole 22 minutes with no graphics or whatever.

Martin said...

Link above labeled doesn't go there (but to the previous link) - just saying. Happy 2012.

Scott Eggleston said...

Fixed! Thanks.


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