Monday, January 23, 2012

Recap: Best Entry-Level Camera?

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Spring Double Eagle M41A G36 Rifle Airsoft Gun

Best entry-level filmmaker camera for $80 (Sanyo XACTI VPC-CG20)

800 watt portable generator

Noob shockmount adapter

Cowboy Studio professional tripod dolly

Getting better as a director: The power of collaboration

Rode introduces two microphones with built-in recorders

Camera Flo Pod

PVC to camera shoe adapter

Justin Loga's PVC stabilizer "battering ram-cam"

Halogen work light for under $10

Sima Quickonnect for $8.57

Vivitar Steady Pod (mini-tripod/hand grip) for $5.40

$25 DIY double shoulder mount

David Stembridge's DIY shoulder mount

7 tips for HD and DSLR color correction

Cowboy Studio shoulder mount for $16.44

DIY ring light - $20 filmmaker

Humphrey Bande's PVC track dolly

Really cheap microphone bracket

Andres Alonso Larrea Burneo's DIY crutch cam!

YouTube's "Your Film Festival"

Chris Butterfield's Pocket Cam Crane

Collin Baker's Cowboy Studio shoulder mount

Andrew Seitz' PVC stabilizer rig light

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Unknown said...

The camera I use (and love) is the Kodak ZI8 which is similar to the Flip... just better. It doesn't have much for manual settings, but it does shoot in 1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps, and 720p@60fps! It runs off of an SD card, can be powered by an external AC adapter, has a tripod mounting hole, an HDMI output for your TV, can be controlled by an IR remote (sold separately), and most importantly, has an external mic jack. My only issues with it is that the viewing frame is a little narrow (which you can fix with a separate wide-angle lens), and that there is no way to use the HDMI port for an external monitor. I'm having a herd time finding a link at a decent price, but when I bought mine from Target last year, it was $80-90. Happy shooting!


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