Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Technicolor and Marvel DSLR Picture Styles

Deejay returns today (okay, so he never really went anywhere) with a DSLR Film Noob that many DSLR users will appreciate. Here he compares two color "flat" styles that you can import into your camera for a nice look that also makes color grading in post easier. This is a nice comparison so you can see what is possible before taking your own time to run a bunch of tests. Deejay has already done it for you!

For the rest of us using camcorders, check out this post from Eugenia's blog (which everyone within the sound of my voice should be following) that addresses some similar looks that you can achieve the old fashioned way--in post (using Sony Vegas).

If you're curious about a little history, here's a big wiki about the original Technicolor film process. This procedure made colors pop and gave people a reason to go to movies instead of stay home and watch entertainment on the latest (colorless) technology: television.

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DIYFilmSchool.net said...

You know, I was going to say that the CineStyle and Marvel 3.4 looked pretty similar. I have only limited experience with CineStyle and no experience with Marvel (I didn't even know it existed). To be honest, I actually liked the raw Marvel footage more than the corrected Marvel clip.


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