Friday, May 27, 2011

Peter Ayala's PVC Stabilizer Rig

Hey Frugal Filmmaker,

Okay, so i completed the rig and it looks amazing! It took longer than I expected because I didn't have all the tools that were needed. But once i got hold of them, it was all downhill from there. I went ahead and "pimped" it out and put the hockey tape and bicycle handles you suggested and it looks awesome.

Anyways, my Rebel T3i fits perfectly! My biggest concern before I started building was whether or not the camera would be too big for the rig, but i was wrong. Even the LCD screen pulls out with no worries!

Maybe my only concern about the rig is the hockey tape that i wrapped around it. when i was wrapping it, the tape didn't seem to cooperate, but i did find ways to work around it. Every once in a while I would find a little flap of tape sticking out and I just rubbed it back into place. I tried looking for gaffer's tape but didn't find any at local stores. The nearest photo shop close to me is like 20 minuets away going on the freeway (north and south). ill try next time i head out there to grab a roll. but what do you think, would the gaffer's tape work better than the hockey tape?

Besides the tape, everything turned out great and I cant wait to use it on one of my next projects. Thanks a lot for posting that video, looking forward to seeing more DIY videos from you guys.

Scott says: I think hockey tape is better than gaffer's for this application. Hockey tape is a lot less expensive and has a more grippy surface. That's why hockey players use it on their sticks. I also don't like the problems associated with painting PVC, making the black hockey tape a nice alternative.

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Alexander said...

Do you think that a juicedlink would fit underneath the T3i?


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