Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Juicedlink DS214 review and Makerbot Parts!

DSLR Film Noob gives us a very thorough review of an audio box made to resolve some of the audio issues found in Canon DSLR still/video cameras. Deejay makes a lot of great observations here, like this hardware really isn't necessary if you already have Magic Lantern installed (which isn't available for the 7D, which he is using here), or how the AGC defeat feature isn't foolproof. I also like what we learn when he drops the clip into his video editor.

My favorite thing, however, is Deejay showing off his Makerbot 3-D printer. This device is simply awesome, as it will allow the creation of anything you can design in a CAD program. You can then print out said design from a hunk of plastic. Here we get an adapter so the Juicedlink will sit better in the camera's hot shoe and give a cold shoe adapter on top of that. Very nice.

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