Friday, May 13, 2011

An Awesome Location I have to Use

While out feasting with the family on some corn dogs today, I happened onto the above setting. In the rear of a local Weinerschnitzel, there were some (presumably old) outdoor tables positioned nauseatingly close to a garbage dumpster. It looked almost surreal.

Those tables must be headed for the scrap heap, right? Or is this overflow from the inside of the restaurant? Surely the Health Department would not approve, would they? Do you think the employees would serve me if I sat at one of these tables? Maybe it's the break area, perhaps?

Whatever was going on here, my first thought was, "How do I get this bizarre location into a movie?"

1 comment:

ThreeWestCreative said...

Hahahahaha I see those all the time by garbages at fast food joints. It is just the craziest thing!


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