Friday, April 29, 2011

Zoom H1 Accessories

I've owned the Zoom H1 digital audio recorder for a few months now and I like it quite a bit. Zoom also sells an accessory kit for around $25, but some of the contents could definitely be improved upon. I take a look at some of the options you can buy for very little as well as some I came up with myself. Today's video wraps all these things together in one show and, if anything, should create some thoughts about creating a better recording experience for anyone.

Press play!

Furry Head Windscreens:

Storm Chaser Wind Jacket:

Vivitar mini-tripod / steady grip


dwaisman said...

Thank you for the info!
I just recently got a H4n and I was looking for a cheap dead cat solution.
Congratulations on the blog. It's a wonderful idea. I'm already creating the frugal slate for my next project!
Best regards said...

Scott, how does your XLR box help the audio quality/signal if you're transferring a raw, ungrounded audio signal into it? Does the XLR box somehow improve the audio or does is essentially make the best of the ungrounded signal it's given?


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