Thursday, February 10, 2011

Royalty Free Music for Your Video Projects

Okay, I admit it, I'm spoiled. Whenever I have something I really want to put music to, I use a composer. I have a great relationship with a guy who scores most of my stuff and I'm even getting to the point where I can pay him once and awhile. Sometimes, however, this is overkill.

Knoptop chimes in this week with an episode of Quick FX which reveals a great list of resources that will fill any music need you probably have (like a background track), just short of actually involving musical talent. A good example is the nifty riff he employs in his own show that quickens the pace and carries an air of fun creativity.


mantic59 said...

Also check out

mud said...

Also if you fancy free a Moby track on your project, check out

gret said... is one not to miss. Hi quality music.

Oops my info was wrong.

bill said...

picking up a program like Sony's Acid or Magix MusicMaker works well too, though it does take a bit of work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is the best list ever!
I'm a filmmaker and I haven't heard of half of those before. (Also I mainly used composers before)
Cheers, man!


Unknown said... represents a new concept in the world of royalty free music marketplaces. Rather than a set price for licenses, visitors to this royalty free music library can actually choose how much they wish to pay to license each individual track. Granted, there is a minimum fee of $1 for every track, but considering that this covers a license for unlimited usages this is truly royalty free music for free.


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